Nothing wrong with rambling along


I’m sitting at my desk on another Friday contemplating what to write about. I’m sure this blogging experience will be akin to the prompts at the beginning of my senior English class. These were designed to assist with the college entrance exams just around the corner. They drove me nuts because I wasn’t awake enough. My addiction to coffee made an appearance around this time. Since I have no prompts at hand, we’ll start off with a bit of freewriting about my day thus far.

I just finished an online interview for Smashwords about my serial story Maxi’s Place. I enjoy writing this series and about the world I’ve created. The experience I’ve gained from building my characters has been immense and time consuming. I am constantly haunted by the ghost of lost time. I’m starting to resent that I actually have to recharge my batteries with more than a few hours sleep.

The marketing is also time consuming. It’s difficult to keep up with all the social networks. Facebook is the only one that is constantly updated. Probably because I like to be extra nosey on my friends’ pages. I still don’t understand Twitter and if anyone is willing to provide lessons, I’d greatly appreciate it. I don’t think I have enough to say for the particular medium.

I’m also currently working on my first web series script based on Maxi’s Place. I have self-educated myself about scriptwriting and in the beginning it was slow progress as I figured out the different necessary elements. Thankfully, I’m a quick learner. The biggest challenge was turning off the novelist side of my brain where the descriptions balance the dialogue. Now I have to think about camera direction and breaks in the story for commercials. Everything is a work in progress; especially with my latest find of Adobe Story. This screenwriting software has become very useful with the format as well as adding camera shots. My Muse is very excited about it.

Here’s to one month down for 2014 and many more months of work to come.



A new project for Studly


Okay I haven’t posted a blog for a while and I’m sure since I purchased a new Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet I want to play with my new toy. In an effort to familiarize my fingertips with this spectacular gizmo, I am catching up on my blogging duties, which should really be at least once a week.

New Toy

Writing with a glass of wine.

I’ll be honest I don’t have a particular topic to write about except how busy my life has been since last you read about me. I finished episode three of #MaxisPlace. The first three episodes are available on in multiple formats. Now that the shameless plug was inserted, I’ll continue.

The few who have followed me since the beginning know there are at least 7 episodes about my favorite, fictional restaurant. While they are good as they are written, I am a perfectionist and I felt they needed a bit more detail. I live and breathe every character of Maxi’s Place.  I felt they deserved a bit more background and a lot more fleshing out.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Maxi’s Place is written by someone who loves television and movies. A lot of my childhood was spent in front of the boob tube absorbing reruns of classic sitcoms, movies and film noir. It’s one of the reasons my descriptions are so vivid. Even now, my best writing sessions have a favorite piece of cinematic art playing in the background.

With the help of other Dallas artists and professionals, my newest project is to film Maxi’s Place as a web series. I wrote the series with this in mind from the moment the first words spilled out onto paper. The next year will be a busy one as a continue to tackle scriptwriting and casting calls. All that time in front of the television has to pay off somehow.


Every day, a little more progress


Once again, I’m up burning the midnight oil. Since I’m still getting used to this whole blogging thing, I decided to share why. I’ve just finished uploading files to Amazon Createspace for print on demand publishing. I’ll admit I am excited to see my work of art in print. The marketing possibilities are swirling through my head right now. I had to make some concessions on design.but it’s all about getting your work out there. I can fine tune aesthetics when I have more funds available.

I will admit that I am filled with heightened expectation for the first copy to be sold. More than likely, it will be my beautiful fiancee who grabs that number one spot. My mother is in the running for at least the second copy.

Now for episode two.

Brand new blog


I am starting a blog because as a writer and now published author it is step toward establishing a name among the literary world. I am still getting used to the whole blogging thing. I’m never really sure how much to share about the boring things that I do. Who knows. You might find my ramblings useful or at least entertaining. Of course, I will submit to shameless self promotion as much as possible.

Now…some of you will have to understand that this is a pen name that hides my true identity. I am far from a Lesbian superhero but it does allow me a bit more freedom in what I write. Those that actively participate in online cat fights know exactly what I’m talking about.

I suppose I will have to change the theme up and add some more pages about myself. We all know how long it takes to get a blog or page just right. I am not looking forward to the constant second guessing I’m about to put myself through.

So…let’s get started, shall we?