The soul of a writer


 As a child, the gift of creating meaningful sentences set me apart from the crowd of students during standardized tests. This particular talent also set me up for some light teasing since it was applied to electives such as yearbook and journalism. I had an early realization of what my calling in life would be and the experience was a liberating one.

I have the soul of a writer. I see words and phrases like bubbles floating through the air. I daze out in the middle of conversations and conjure up an alternate universe or ending. I create characters out of inanimate objects and supply a plot for their stage play. From the moment I open my eyes to the late hour I actually lay my head down, writing consumes my every waking moment and possibly my dreams.

My condition could be likened to an addiction for when I go long periods of time without writing, my personality changes and my mood darkens. I’m not interested in anything about the outside world until I get some words down on paper. Don’t talk to me about your problems because not writing is bigger than the drama you’re representing. I’ll quickly tune you out and retreat to my world of words and phrases.

It takes a special person to be in a relationship with a writer. It takes patience, perserverence and understanding. It takes accepting that writing is the other woman and your partner is constantly cheating on you. It takes believing in the writer you’ve fallen in love with and helping them through the tough times of writer’s block.

My soul requires writing and thankfully, my fiancee realizes she fell in love with a writer. She gives me the space I need to stretch my literary wings and will even provide the necessary motivation with a well-turned demand, i.e. “Get in there and finish my story!” Then again, she is a sapiosexual so it was probably easy for her to understand the inner workings of my brain.



Extreme multi-tasking


Have I ever shared with you that being a writer is hard work? I may not have but I will go ahead and let you know now about this career of mine. First of all, I love to write. I don’t think I was put on this earth to do anything else. My major goal in life is to publish as many books as possible and touch as many people as needed. I know it isn’t as noble as healing the sick or as glamorous as being a reality show celebrity however, it is what motivates me.

My fingers are glued to this keyboard.

My fingers are glued to this keyboard.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I am glued to this laptop. If I can’t get to my laptop, best believe that pen and paper are close by. My mind is on overdrive, racing with plots, settings and characters.  Constantly, I plan, edit and re-edit. I am so lost in the creative process that often the business side of it gets lost along the way.

Oh, you didn’t know about the business of writing? Keeping up with my social networking has always been a daunting task. Hootsuite has become my page administrator for five different social networks. Writing only takes up about 30% of what I do on my well-worn keyboard. I push to force my body to stay awake long past its limit until my fiancee finds me dozing at my desk.

I must be crazy because I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Never enough time


It’s a relatively quiet Saturday morning. Once again, I’m sitting in front of my laptop contemplating my day as I delete thousands of emails I never have time to read. I’m too busy to read about the latest software upgrade or take advantage of a one day only online sale. My thoughts, days and nights are filled with my passion for writing. I have a long list of goals I want to complete. Unfortunately, just like anyone else with a small business, those goals take hard work, dedication and most of all, time.

Ever notice how there is not enough time in the day? You wake up before your body is ready, push yourself to the limit to fulfill responsibilities with work, family and whatever else. Some days go off with out a hitch. Other days, you wonder how you made it through. However, the one common question for the day is “where did the time go?”

A normal day for me is my full-time job, workout and write. Somewhere in the middle of all that, I slip in nourishment, time with my family, an online game or two and sleep. I don’t keep up with the latest clothing trends. That takes time. I don’t hurry home to watch the popular sitcoms. Something else that takes time. I have fan pages, marketing, blogs and numerous other wonderful things to maintain. Incidentally, all of these require time as well.

Ironically, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. When I shuffle in to work, swigging some caffeine, I’m proud of my tired state of mind because I know I created something magical the night before. When I read reviews and see the subtle demands from fans, the time spent editing is precious. I know the saying about all work and no play but until the 30 hour day is introduced or I can afford a secretary, it is what it is.


Never enough time in the day

Never enough time in the day

Every day, a little more progress


Once again, I’m up burning the midnight oil. Since I’m still getting used to this whole blogging thing, I decided to share why. I’ve just finished uploading files to Amazon Createspace for print on demand publishing. I’ll admit I am excited to see my work of art in print. The marketing possibilities are swirling through my head right now. I had to make some concessions on design.but it’s all about getting your work out there. I can fine tune aesthetics when I have more funds available.

I will admit that I am filled with heightened expectation for the first copy to be sold. More than likely, it will be my beautiful fiancee who grabs that number one spot. My mother is in the running for at least the second copy.

Now for episode two.

The business of it all


As a child, I envisioned a career of writing quality literature for the masses. I wanted to see my name in large print across the front of a glossy book jacket and write a heartfelt dedication to my parents. I wanted to sit on my ass and do nothing but create sentences and paragraphs. Nothing wrong with a dream, right?

Someone failed to inform me of what the business of writing actually entailed. It’s more than conjuring up your muse and cranking out a literary masterpieces. There’s actually work involved and even more so when publishing independently. Certainly, there is a freedom of cutting out the middle man and becoming an entrepreneur. After all, writing is a small business. There is also a significant amount of marketing, social networking and planning involved. The amount of time for actual writing is slim to none if you have a full-time job – which most people do these days.

The real definition of independent publishing is insomnia and constant speculation. I never have enough time for everything and I oftentimes worry about if I do enough. My supportive fiancee is always after me to rest and recharge the batteries but I when I’m not working on my business or craft, I feel as though I’m missing a step. No manual for this type of business exists because it is different for writers of any genre. Unfortunately, you have to make it up as you go along. I may be taking applications for a secretary soon.

Besides my dream, the one thing that keeps me going is positive feedback from my readers. I enjoy reading the comments and seeing the impatience for another episode to be published. For some reason, Lesbians love a great love story with a healthy amount of sensual sex intertwined through the pages.

Until next time,