The backdrop of Maxi’s Place


I’m embarking on a new venture with some fellow Dallas professionals. The excitement is too much to bear in silence even though I’m beyond busy. I have a knack of keeping my schedule extra saturated while harboring the inability to adhere to updating my Google calendar. My serial story, Maxi’s Place is coming to the web as a dramatic Lesbian series.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

The first words of Maxi’s Place was jotted down almost 4 years ago. Similar to most of my stories, the plot started as a daydream. I wasn’t sure of my main characters yet but the setting was one I had mulled around since the first day I hit the floor as a rookie server. I’ve worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry a few times in my past. Three times at popular restaurants and once in a fabulous Gay bar.

At the time, I didn’t realize how much of a great experience it was as I stomped around in slip resistant shoes and carried plates of hot food. It was much akin to high school antics with cliques, best friend squabbles and the gossip on who was dating who. A dramatic interlude between employees was in full force almost every shift. Resembling a dysfunctional family, we banded together against outsiders. This the backdrop of Maxi’s Place.

I’ve had a few comments about why Maxi’s Place is a serial story and not a full length novel. Any writer will tell you that characters have a mind of their own. As hard as you try to steer them a particular way, they tend to become stagnant and mock your intellect. The initial major characters had personalities so large that it would have been a shame to limit them to just one novel. Also, I grew up watching television. Cable was just as expensive then as now. I absorbed classic reruns. There are some I will even watch to this day. My love for sitcoms and dramatic shows encourage me to write in episodes.

Although it is set in Dallas Texas, Maxi’s Place is a fictional restaurant created purely from my imagination. I wanted to showcase my hometown culture and present the everyday lives of Lesbians the best way I could – through written word. I envision a world filled with Maxi’s Place coffee cups and mouse pads. Maybe a poster or two of a favorite character. A Stud can dream can’t she? Well, it seems my dreams are about to come true.


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