A new project for Studly


Okay I haven’t posted a blog for a while and I’m sure since I purchased a new Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet I want to play with my new toy. In an effort to familiarize my fingertips with this spectacular gizmo, I am catching up on my blogging duties, which should really be at least once a week.

New Toy

Writing with a glass of wine.

I’ll be honest I don’t have a particular topic to write about except how busy my life has been since last you read about me. I finished episode three of #MaxisPlace. The first three episodes are available on Smashwords.com in multiple formats. Now that the shameless plug was inserted, I’ll continue.

The few who have followed me since the beginning know there are at least 7 episodes about my favorite, fictional restaurant. While they are good as they are written, I am a perfectionist and I felt they needed a bit more detail. I live and breathe every character of Maxi’s Place.  I felt they deserved a bit more background and a lot more fleshing out.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Maxi’s Place is written by someone who loves television and movies. A lot of my childhood was spent in front of the boob tube absorbing reruns of classic sitcoms, movies and film noir. It’s one of the reasons my descriptions are so vivid. Even now, my best writing sessions have a favorite piece of cinematic art playing in the background.

With the help of other Dallas artists and professionals, my newest project is to film Maxi’s Place as a web series. I wrote the series with this in mind from the moment the first words spilled out onto paper. The next year will be a busy one as a continue to tackle scriptwriting and casting calls. All that time in front of the television has to pay off somehow.



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