Never enough time


It’s a¬†relatively¬†quiet Saturday morning. Once again, I’m sitting in front of my laptop contemplating my day as I delete thousands of emails I never have time to read. I’m too busy to read about the latest software upgrade or take advantage of a one day only online sale. My thoughts, days and nights are filled with my passion for writing. I have a long list of goals I want to complete. Unfortunately, just like anyone else with a small business, those goals take hard work, dedication and most of all, time.

Ever notice how there is not enough time in the day? You wake up before your body is ready, push yourself to the limit to fulfill responsibilities with work, family and whatever else. Some days go off with out a hitch. Other days, you wonder how you made it through. However, the one common question for the day is “where did the time go?”

A normal day for me is my full-time job, workout and write. Somewhere in the middle of all that, I slip in nourishment, time with my family, an online game or two and sleep. I don’t keep up with the latest clothing trends. That takes time. I don’t hurry home to watch the popular sitcoms. Something else that takes time. I have fan pages, marketing, blogs and numerous other wonderful things to maintain. Incidentally, all of these require time as well.

Ironically, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. When I shuffle in to work, swigging some caffeine, I’m proud of my tired state of mind because I know I created something magical the night before. When I read reviews and see the subtle demands from fans, the time spent editing is precious. I know the saying about all work and no play but until the 30 hour day is introduced or I can afford a secretary, it is what it is.


Never enough time in the day

Never enough time in the day