Every day, a little more progress


Once again, I’m up burning the midnight oil. Since I’m still getting used to this whole blogging thing, I decided to share why. I’ve just finished uploading files to Amazon Createspace for print on demand publishing. I’ll admit I am excited to see my work of art in print. The marketing possibilities are swirling through my head right now. I had to make some concessions on design.but it’s all about getting your work out there. I can fine tune aesthetics when I have more funds available.

I will admit that I am filled with heightened expectation for the first copy to be sold. More than likely, it will be my beautiful fiancee who grabs that number one spot. My mother is in the running for at least the second copy.

Now for episode two.


The business of it all


As a child, I envisioned a career of writing quality literature for the masses. I wanted to see my name in large print across the front of a glossy book jacket and write a heartfelt dedication to my parents. I wanted to sit on my ass and do nothing but create sentences and paragraphs. Nothing wrong with a dream, right?

Someone failed to inform me of what the business of writing actually entailed. It’s more than conjuring up your muse and cranking out a literary masterpieces. There’s actually work involved and even more so when publishing independently. Certainly, there is a freedom of cutting out the middle man and becoming an entrepreneur. After all, writing is a small business. There is also a significant amount of marketing, social networking and planning involved. The amount of time for actual writing is slim to none if you have a full-time job – which most people do these days.

The real definition of independent publishing is insomnia and constant speculation. I never have enough time for everything and I oftentimes worry about if I do enough. My supportive fiancee is always after me to rest and recharge the batteries but I when I’m not working on my business or craft, I feel as though I’m missing a step. No manual for this type of business exists because it is different for writers of any genre. Unfortunately, you have to make it up as you go along. I may be taking applications for a secretary soon.

Besides my dream, the one thing that keeps me going is positive feedback from my readers. I enjoy reading the comments and seeing the impatience for another episode to be published. For some reason, Lesbians love a great love story with a healthy amount of sensual sex intertwined through the pages.

Until next time,